Cold Canary Gaslight / Dempsey

by Marty O'Reilly

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released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Marty O'Reilly Santa Cruz, California


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Track Name: Cold Canary Gaslight
He reads like a bible, acts just like a birdcage,
roars like an engine, dying out on burnt rage,
you can blow out all the candles and fire up the lime light,
she looks through him with the cold canary gaslight.

Oh sister, don't you look at what I've done.

Fathers at the front door, dusting off the floor mat,
brittle like his thick bark and tired like his old hat,
he used to wonder how a young boy travels to a grown man,
said he walked on water he was dancing on quicksand.

Oh father, don't you look at what I've done.

You see me tearing up the floor boards, white sheets covered you,
fire in my eyes and water pouring through the roof,
you heard I found a mine shaft, digging past midnight,
i crawled into the dark with the cold canary gaslight.

I tried to throw a rope down and didn't feel it pull back,
dead canary chirping now, cold blood in pitch black.
Track Name: Dempsey
Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra - Dempsey

Jackie left Willard broken and bloody,
Cracked a hundred bones in his mouth.
Jackie doesn't dance and Jackie doesn't sing,
but he knows he could lick,
any son of a bitch in the house.
Jackie's the Manassa, he's the Manassa Mauler.

Seven times he hit the ground,
He can feel himself losing the crown,
He knows he's got to give him one more round,
Got to give him one more round...